Here are four simple steps – in four short videos.  They will guide you through this difficult first year.  I call them “Take Four.”  The steps to navigate through your finances and grief. They will reduce the stress you face in this overwhelming situation and keep you from making personal and financial mistakes. 

Take One: Take Your Time

Take your time to successfully navigate the financial maze you suddenly find yourself in when your partner dies.

Take Two: Take Time To Grieve

 You have to slow down first before you can take time to grieve

Take Three: Take a Trusted Friend or Family Member to Important Meetings

Taking a trusted family member or friend to meetings with your advisors will relieve the anxiety of going it alone.  Ask them to take notes for you so that the important things do not get overlooked.  Use this helper as a sounding board for your decisions. 

Take Four: Take No Major Steps in the First Year

The fourth and the final step is: make no big decisions in the first year.