Praise for Preparing to "Go It Alone"

The loss of a spouse brings a new world of financial tasks. Preparing to “Go It Alone” shows you the way forward, one step at a time. In fact, the best piece of advice in the book is that decision do not have to be made immediately.  That alone takes the pressure off.  The checklists provided in the book are invaluable, especially at such a highly emotional time when critical items can easily fall through the cracks.  The book also includes guidance on how to handle retirement accounts after death and even your online passwords.   Robin Delaney has handed you the keys to financial security when you need it the most.  You and your family will benefit immediately from Robin’s years of experience and wisdom.  Well done!

Ed Slott, CPA
Retirement Expert
Founder of

This book is filled with incredible information and advice.  It is succinct, yet thorough.  The book covers need-to-know items that are mission critical for anyone who has lost a loved one.  We all need to read this book NOW to properly prepare for the inevitability of life.

Doug Van Dyke
Leadership Development Trainer

Praise for Preparing to Go Forward Without Mom or Dad

In her new book, “Preparing to Go Forward Without Mom or Dad; What to Know and Do When Your Last Parent Dies,” Ruth E. “Robin” Delaney has written a trenchant, readable guide for those struggling with the death of a parent. 

Clearly written and easy to absorb, it covers everything from how to judge when a parent can no longer successfully live alone to smart estate planning, and after death, such items as protecting digital assets and resolving complex tax questions. Ms. Delaney has provided a helpful shortcut that can reduce the difficulties and pitfalls before and after the death of a loved one.

Sara Kennedy, Retired Staff Writer
Bradenton Herald


Ruth E. “Robin” Delaney has written a succinct, accessible guide in “Preparing to Go Forward Without Mom or Dad; What to Know and Do When Your Last Parent Dies.”  Her counsel helps those grappling with the death of a loved one to navigate heartache and a maze of financial and legal complexities that accompany it. In addition to drawing upon a lifetime of experience as a financial planner and advisor, Ms. Delaney writes from hard-won personal experience.

Of particular value to those in such a situation are explicit instructions for safely disconnecting the life of their loved one from the vast array of on-line social media and financial outlets.

Robert Morris Kennedy, Retired Editor
Tampa Bay Times